Courses after 12th Science PCM

There are plenty of courses after 12th Science PCM that are available to you. Choosing the right course after 12th Science Mathematics ( PCM) is extremely important at the same time a little difficult. It is important because the right course after 12th can lead to a rewarding career right after completion or may become a basis for post graduation course. It is difficult because there are so many good options which have good scope but we do not know which is good for us.

There are some factors that we must consider to choose the best course after 12th and the first step is to know what options are available. Here we are listing various available courses after 12th science PCM . After you have explored these courses you can zero in based on your strengths (Read Aptitudes and Personality) and preferences. It is important to check your eligibility for various courses before you apply but it is more important to check your fitness for these courses. An aptitude test is usually a very good tool to know about your strengths and how well they match with your course/career choice. Going through the course details and syllabus of a reputed university/ college can also help you in making the decision. Visiting the campus of your preferred college and talking to seniors who are pursuing that course can also be very helpful. Some times you can get a conflicting feedback on your preferred course/ college and it is here you can take help of a career counselor and make the right choice

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Courses Engineering and other than engineering

  1. B Tech In Computer Science and Engineering
  2. B Tech In Information Technology
  3. B Tech Aerospace Engineering
  4. B Tech Automobile Engineering
  5. B Tech- Avionics
  6. B Arch- Bachelor in Architecture
  7. B Tech- Mechanical Engineering
  8. B Tech- Chemical Engineering
  9. B Tech- Electrical Engineering
  10. B Tech- Telecommunications Engineering
  11. B Tech- Civil Engineering
  12. Bachelor in naval architecture and ocean engineering
  13. B Tech- Automobile Engineering
  14. B Tech- Mining Engineering Engineering
  15. B Tech- Production Engineering
  16. B Tech- Environmental Engineering
  17. B Tech- Production Engineering
  18. B Tech- Power Engineering
  19. B Tech-Industrial Engineering
  20. B Tech- Instrumentation Engineering
  21. B Tech- Metallurgical Engineering
  22. B Tech- Production Engineering
  23. B Tech- Manufacturing Engineering
  24. B Tech- Mineral Engineering
  25. Commercial Pilot Course
  26. 4 years Bachelor in Science (BS) course
  27. 5 years B Sc M Sc in Pure Sciences from IISER
  28. 3 years B Sc in Statistics
  29. B Design Visual Communication Design
  30. B Design Animation
  31. Bachelor in Fashion Technology
  32. B Sc Nautical Science
  33. B.Sc-  Bachelor in science (Physics/ Chemistry/Mathematics)
  34. BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application
  35. B.Sc IT- B.Sc in Information Technology
  36. B Pharm- Bachelor in Pharmacy
  37. B Sc Economics
  38. B Sc Geology
  39. B Sc Computer Science
  40. Bachelor in Construction Technology
  41. Other than these PCM group students can opt for professional courses and courses from other streams.
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