Know Your Abilities


On taking the first step towards getting out of confusion! Making the right decision starts with knowing your strengths. Let’s spend the next few minutes to understand yourself better.

We will ask you a few simple questions based on things that happens to us in everyday life. You need to indicate the level of ease or difficulty with which you are able to handle these situations. Lets Start!

Select one option from the choices below for each question

1. Reading printed pages with accuracy and pointing out spelling and grammatical mistakes.
After reading the
question, click
your answer quickly.

2. Doing well in school.

3. Making accurate measurements, with or without tools.

4. Imagining what something would look like, by just seeing its diagram.

6. Solving Arithmetic problems (Addition, Subtraction, Division, Fractions etc.)
Read the questions
carefully before

7. Understanding Geometry and application of its principles.

8. Multiplying quickly, using tables.

9. Reading and understanding written material.

10. Finding out solutions faster than your friends.

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Great first step! Now jump on the next one!