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Online Career Counselling, or Online Career Counselling has come as a true gift of modern technology to the new generation. You may be in any part of India, you can take help of our career counsellor Dr Anubhuti Sehgal over phone and skype. Whether you are looking for online career counselling after 12th or online career counselling after graduation MapMyTalent's Online aptitude test and Skype / online / phone sessions can help you resolve all career confusion. Unlike the yesteryear's when there were very few options available to the students, today there are a number of good lucrative career options that are available to the students. On top of that the current level of media exposure leaves a lot of students thoroughly confused. Most of these students and their parents do not know how to take this crucial Career Decision. It is here that Career Counselling comes to the help of the students and parents. But getting access to good and credible Career Counselors remains a big challenge for the students and their parents. MapMyTalent offers online career counselling sessions through Skype and phone and follows a very scientific process. You can take Online career aptitude test and get your reports and get connected to best counsellors. Not only this, MapMyTalent provides Online Support for customers where they get access to their dashboard and interact with the career counsellors. To book a session you can call us at +91 9650338746 and 0124-4084211.


Process of Online Career Counselling

  • Sign up on
  • Take the online aptitude, personality and interest test. ( No preparation needed, No Subjects related questions.)
  • Pick a Package / Make online Payment ( Using Debit Card/ Credit card/ Wallets etc.
  • Get career counselling session ( Through phone / skype / In person)
  • Get 30+ pages career/ course recommendation report ( Stream Choice after 10th / Course Choice after 12th / Career Choice after 12th )
  • Get information on colleges and entrance exams for various options
  • Get online support for 12 months for further queries.

How Career Counselling can help?

Career Counselling can be of great help to today's young generation and their parents. Career Counselling can help them find those courses or careers where they can really excel and be extra-ordinary performers. Infact, as per a recent Bupaworld survey, almost 80% or more people in workplaces today feel stressed out because they are career misfits. To avoid such a scenario, career counselors first find out the real Inherent talent of the student using standardized and reliable Aptitude Test. The Aptitude scores reveal the inherent strength profile of the student. Using the same, the Career Counsellors give guidance to the students about their future course of action.

  • Career counselling can help you choose the right stream after class 9th 10th
  • Career counselling can help you choose the right course after 12th.
  • Career counselling can help you plan your career, like if you don't make it to you first course choice, what is the alternative path.
  • Career counselling can help you choose the right course / career after graduation.
  • If you have already completed graduation and have work experience and are thinking about career change / higher education, Career counselling can be extremely helpfull.

However as mentioned above, the biggest problem today is that there is a huge shortage of good and credible Career Counselors. While there are many who masquerade as Career Counselors in many cities and towns; however they are not true career counselors, most of the times their objective is to get the personal information about the student and then somehow persuade them to take admission in second grade colleges and universities. It is here that Online Career Counseling comes to the benefit of the students and parents.


Advantages of Online Career Counselling

Online Career Counselling provides the biggest advantage of making highly credible career counselors accessible to all the students and parents without the limitation of geography. That is even if the student and parents are geographically far away, still they can get Quality Career Guidance when they take online career counseling from a reputed and credible Online Career Counselling provider. Here are the distinct advantages of Online Career Counselling:

  • Online Career Counselling allows a student to take the Aptitude Test from the place of his/her own choice. One need not travel to another city or town for taking Career Assessment Test.All that one needs is a good, workable internet connection.
  • The results of the Online Career Test is usually in the form of Comprehensive Report that lists the students Aptitude Profile and Personality Profile as well as provide the recommendation for future Career Path.
  • MapMyTalent also provide a very interactive dashboard to the student. This dashboard graphically provides the Inherent Strength Information and other details to the student
  • For those who wish to have a personal interaction with the Expert Career Counselors, they do get an option to either speak over phone or skype or use any other online hangout / chat feature to interact.

More about MapMyTalent Assessment

At MapMyTalent, we follow a very unique method towards providing Online Career Counselling.  We belive that the most important step towards finding ones' BEST SUITED career or course is to first find the Real Inherent Strength pattern in the individual. This Real Inherent Strength pattern is mapped in terms of ones' Aptitude, Personality and Interest profile using our proprietary MyTalent Psychometric Assessment. This Assessment is an outcome of extensive Standadization and Validation process done on a large population of Indian Students across different economic conditions and geographies. The results of this assessment gives our experts a very good idea about the Aptitude Combination and Personality Combination of the individual. They then give their recommendations (which are there on their dashboard as well as in the form of comprehensive reports) and provide them with very comprehensive Online Career Counselling.





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