What is Career Assessment


Career assessment is a psychometric tool that is helpful in understanding a person’s strengths and weaknesses and experts use this information to guide the individual towards their RIGHT career path.


Career assessment tests are mostly used by career counselors, career advisers, placement companies, career advisory firms, and human resources of corporate to see the fitment of the individual to a particular career or job.


Career assessment tests are also often used by school and college students to gain clarity about their BEST-FIT career, so that they may choose a course which is the most appropriate for them and help them to reach success taking optimum time.


A career assessment test by itself may or may not be able to solve the career related questions, doubts and confusions of the individual. The assessment report, which usually describes the inherent aptitude and personality of an individual, and also gives suggestions for the right career best fitting an individual, should be carefully read and understood. Not only this, an individual, or a career counselor must also correlate the result of the report along with the market scenario as well as the economic background of the individual. Only if all these steps are followed can the correct steps for building one’s career path be properly crafted. Mostly, it becomes difficult for an individual to understand and analyze all these factors from an impartial and emotionally unaffected standpoint. That is why; career counselors play a crucial role in career assessment who does the indepth analysis of assessment, connects to the market reality, take stock of the culture and economic situation, conects to the work environment and suggest steps to achieve best fit career goals.


In brief, a career test is a psychometric assessment of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The career assessment also involves an analysis of the information thus retrieved by an expert counselor who possesses sound knowledge about the industry, market reality, and is well qualified to help an individual chalk out the right steps for building their career path.


Why Should You Take Career Assessment

The global employment scenario has drastically changed in the last few years. Many new careers have emerged in the 21st century and are increasingly gaining huge momentum. Some of these careers were almost unheard of earlier. For example:  nano-technologist, stem cell researcher,  waste management consultant, wind turbine technician, bariatric surgeon, laparoscopic surgeon and many others.


There has also been an upsurge in various “New Age Careers” like fitness trainer, yoga instructor, and aroma and spa therapist among many others.


Given the multitude of career options available for a person, career confusion is bound to happen. Therefore, it becomes all the more imperative that every individual must go for career assessment in order to define a proper career path for themselves.


Some of the key reasons as to why you should take career assessment and what are its benefits are -

  • It will help you shortlist select few careers that you can pursue from a whole sea of career options that are available in the market.
  • You will become more informed about your own strengths and weaknesses, so that you can adjust to market reality faster.
  • Getting to know what careers one is naturally going to be good at will prompt one to pursue those careers, and eventually, increase the chances of leading a happy and successful life.
  • Work stress, or unhappiness at work, which is often attributed to an inability to cope with the work pressure and the feeling of being a “misfit” in the career one is pursuing, can be eliminated if one knows what career is the BEST FIT career.
  • Career planning is continuous; and since aptitude remains relatively stable, you can use the same assessment and plan when ever one feels the need.
  • Knowing yourself and making informed choice would help you to pursue your dream career and lead a successful life.

Why Take MapMyTalent Career Assessment

Right career selection at right time is crucial for a right beginning of the career. The online career assessment by MapMyTalent makes it easy to opt the right career which is best suitable to your aptitude, personality, and interests. The comprehensive career assessment has been developed by the experts in their fields after counseling more than 29000 students. This comprehensive career assessment test will also help you get best career guidance allowing you to put your efforts in the right direction.


By taking the MapMyTalent’s online career assessment test and the expert career guidance, the students can easily find out their interest areas, aptitude and personality and opt for a career best suitable to their personality and interest areas.


MapMyTalent career assessment is a one-of-its-kind unique psychometric tool which will help you to achieve your potential by providing important information about your strengths and weakness. The rock-solid assessment of your talent and abilities will give you the confidence and courage to pursue a career with full zest, and, also encourage you to pursue the right beginning, which will ultimately direct you towards the successful achievement of your dreams.


MapMyTalent career assessment is a unique career guidance and assessment program in which tested and proprietary psychometric tools and methodologies are used to unravel the real talents and skills in students. The career assessment test helps recognize the "right" career fit for students and then provides counseling to help them achieve their “right” fit career.


The career assessment report which is shared with the students is a personalized report which is carefully reviewed by the career counselors at MapMyTalent and the most suitable career is then suggested to the student.






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